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Yogacharya Pranav Singh

He has been imparting Yoga education and awareness since last many years.He has Master Degree in Yogic Science from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University Rishikesh.

He has plenty of experience in organizing yoga camp nationwide for Indian Army regiment, NTPC Shiv Nadar University, PAC, Border Road Organization ,Workshops in corporate etc. He has been regularly teaching Yog asans to students in camps for children.

Yogacharya Kushal Singh

He has been imparting Yog education and awareness since last many years.He has Master Degree in Yogic Science from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University Rishikesh.

He is running a centre named Yogshala in Indirapuram Ghaziabad.Yogshala is a Team of Yog Teachers, providing Yog Services in health clubs and Gyms, Societies. He has trained school students for Yog asans for SPARSH HEALTH MELA.

He was the pioneer in starting GOAL Ghaziabad On Active Lifestyle

A unique program aimed to involve all family members in sports activities to promote their health.

Sh. Rahul Jain

Sh. Rahul Jain an IT person by profession very soft spoken and gentle by heart. He is attached with many social organisations of area and believes in "Sewa is Worship".

He has been a part of group managing Tapowan a school for underprivileged children run by Art Of Living in Indirapuram. Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar has been a motivating force for many volunteers of SPARSH Society.

He has designed website and other printing and information leaflets of SPARSH Society

Mr. Mukesh

Mr. Mukesh resident of Khora village and a laboratory technician by profession has been associated with SPARSH for a long time.

He has been helping in conducting various school health camps and helps poor patients in getting their investigations done at reasonable rate.

Dr. Kanti Jha

Dr. Kanti Jha is a dental surgeon and a regular member of SPARSH Team visiting schools.

She teaches kids importance of dental hygiene and how to maintain it with minimum cost. Her simple way of live demonstration followed by repeatition by small kids make these children learn in a very friendly way.

Encouraging young children to develop habit of teeth cleaning at least twice in a day has become her mission.

Sh. Hari Om Gupta

Sh. Hari Om Gupta is a senior member of SPARSH and has been a guiding force for all members. He is a very good plan maker and executor.

He is very active socially and is always available to help anyone in need.

Dr. Shivani Varshney

Dr. Shivani Varshney is a very active member of SPARSH and always ready to put her best for making each activity successful.

Her critical analysis and suggestions always help in organising better.

She is a physiotherapist by profession and takes a keen interest in social activities.

Dr. Namit Varshney

Dr. Namit Varshney is a very dynamic personality with deep interest in social activities.

He is associated with a huge number of social organisations and always helpful whenever contacted.

His initiative for making Ghaziabad a better place for living under name of 4 G Campaign - Get Garbage free Green Ghaziabad drew a huge applause from various sections of society.

His communication skills are excellent and are an asset for SPARSH Society

Dr. Varsha Bhargava

Dr. Varsha Bhargava , an educationist has doctorate in industrial microbiology. She has been active in fields of research and education for last twelve years.

She has been coordinating with various Government agencies for protection of environment and educating public on environment issue.

Sh. Sudhanshu Bhargava

Sh. Sudhanshu Bhargava , a business administrator has his masters degree in marketing and finance. Despite his very busy schedule he is always ready to help in philanthropic activities.

He believes in "अच्छे कर्म ही पूजा है।"

Dr. Ashwani Kansal

Dr. Ashwani Kansal is a young, dynamic , very energetic personality deeply engaged in various social activities.

He is Secretary of Indian Medical Association West Ghaziabad branch (2016-17).

Dr. Amit Varma

Dr. Amit Varma is skin specialist by profession and one of the main pillars of SPARSH Society. His simplicity is driving force and motivates all volunteers whenever there is any problem.

A very dependable volunteer who maintains low profile.

Pranav Kumar

Pranav Kumar a company secretary by profession is deeply engaged in social service through various groups and associations.

He is running a small school for underprivileged children of Juggis

Ms. Neelam Sharma

Ms. Neelam Sharma is a medical Nutritionist & weight management,, therapeutic diet specialist.

She is regular member of Sparsh team and attended every activity of sparsh. She has given information regarding healthy diet with key elements of proper food and nutrition requirement for children's

Ms. Raksha Singh

Ms Raksha Singh has served as teacher in various schools and now she is offering her voluntary services to various organizations in Vasundhara and nearby areas to needy students and oldage persons.

Ms. Mallika Majumdar

Ms. Mallika Majumdar is dietician by profession and has been very active in giving nutrition related lectures in various schools for underprivileged children. Her interactive classes with these children makes it easy for these children to learn and follow the right nutrition.

Mr. Sanjeev Verma

Mr. Sanjeev Verma is an optometrist and has made a mission in his life to help children suffering from eye problems and provide them suitable remedy. He has been a part of Sparsh Health Team visiting various schools and identifying children with visual defects.

Mr. Vivek Bhargava

Mr. Vivek Bhargava is a mechanical engineer from BITS Pilani and is a great team leader. He has vast experience of developing teams for specific cause and and has been deeply associated with various community welfare programs run by various organizations in different areas. His work is directed towards use of available resources for optimum benefit to people in need.

Ms. Kalyani Saxena

Ms. Kalyani Saxena is a teacher and has been involved in teaching underprivileged children for many years. She is the founder and coordinator for Gyan Kiran Pathshala , a school for children who are interested in learning but can not afford. She is very active on environmental issues as well.

Mr. Ashok Sharma

Mr. Ashok Sharma is an entrepreneur and has successfully made his imprints in pharmaceutical industry. He has always helped in arranging required medicines for poor patients either free of cost or at very reasonable rate through his contacts.

Dr. Karishma Tiwari

Dr. Karishma Tiwari is a dental surgeon and has been associated with teaching students importance of dental hygiene. Her innovative ways of teaching students why and how to maintain oral hygiene are well acknowledged and appreciated.
In addition to practicing general dentistry and special ity practice and has been practicing full mouth rehabilitation and implant cases.